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Akapivo specializes in custom websites and online platforms. We assemble experts to provide a comprehensive solution for your needs, regardless of the project's size. We always choose the solution that suits you best and meticulously work out every detail. We guarantee full project oversight and ensure that you, as the owner, retain complete control throughout the process.

Who is Akapivo?

Allround web expert

Everything begins with Ivo, who has been independently building websites for over 10 years now. With each project, he continues to expand his expertise and puts it to work to enhance your project.

Drupal as basis

We have chosen to use a robust framework as the foundation for larger projects. Drupal is versatile, infinitely customizable, and forward-looking.

Professional hosting

We firmly opt for the best location to host your online content: fast, reliable, and with top-notch DevOps capabilities to securely manage and expand your content.


We choose to collaborate with local graphic designers, copywriters, and developers to ensure that you have the quality of a large company, combined with the flexibility of a personalized approach.

Coworking for life!

Apart from a home office, all our work takes place in coworking spaces or at colleagues' offices. Akapivo does not maintain a fixed office, which allows us the flexibility to work, meet, and collaborate with others. Currently, you'll primarily find Akapivo in Oboelo Lier.

Some examples of our work


This is a platform website serving all companies within the Democo Group. It features multilingual websites with extensive functionality, allowing diverse custom websites and brands to come together under a unified structure within a single platform. Explore more at


This is a platform website designed for scientists engaged in the battle against Influenza and other acute respiratory viruses. It provides valuable information for policymakers, researchers, and anyone operating within that sphere. Explore more at


An example of a simple corporate website for a public affairs consultancy. Explore more at 

virtual congress

Akapivo provides a full service for virtual and hybrid congresses. Please contact us directly for more information.

Akapivo bv

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Nijlensesteenweg 53
2560 Bevel

[email protected]

+32(0) 486 42 75 43

VAT BE 0828.589.242


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